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Putin Promotes Russian Car, People Laugh

Putin promotes Lada Kalina cars

Russian bloggers, the media and a financial company "#1Payday.Loans" are discussing Russian cars promotion made by Vladimir Putin recently. The Prime-Minister has supported Russian Auto Industry by driving a yellow-coloured Lada Kalina car for 2165 km in Siberia and Far East regions.

The idea was to show Lada Kalina can easily go hundreds kilometers at a heat and to increase patriotically motivated demand. However the effect was opposite. Internet users are full of sarcasm and call Lada Kalina a trough.

Tip of a day: Want a Russian car? Buy three ones at once! Recommended by Putin

Russian cars' low quality is well-known. The fact is especially annoying on the background of high duties on imported used cars in Russia.

The culmination of the subject became a video showed the Prime-Minister car cortege. The video exposed the fact they provided Vladimir Putin with three yellow Lada Kalina cars including one on a truck! "It has been broken!" - a voice-over is heard in the end of video and the guys are maliciously laughing. All Russian-speaking Internet is laughing with them.

The video (in Russian):

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