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Freudian Soviet Tile Picture of Space. Neurosis Forever!

Soviet Cosmos picture

Hey guys! Last time I post a tile picture depicting 15 Soviest nations which I found in Georgia. Now I am posting one more funny photo from the same place. Five Cosmic guys trying to catch either one other, whether space rockets...

Freud would insist they are actually trying to return their penises! The artist had a strict mother who virtually had castrated the son. He felt uncertainty in his abilities so he put his problem on space weightlessness. And more there are only three penises so the psychological trauma should have been very very deep! Since the artist chose a rocket to depict his penis we can say he thought returning the penis is a way to back home that shows he wanted to possess his mother. This opens up a new problem. As you probably guess this is Oedipus complex.

So the true name of the pisture is "catching the lost penis competition with a view to kill the father". How do you like it? :) Can you suggest your own Freudian explanation? :)

Photo © postsovietspace.com, Georgia, May 2010

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