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Moscow Smog Comes into St. Petersburg!

Fog in St. Petersburg

The hottest news of the summer 2010 is fires in the Russian forests especially in Moscow oblast ones because the weather has been extremely hot in Russia last two months which is uncomfortable in itself. Smoke covered Moscow and has caused much inconvenience so some Internet-users are calling for rallies against the current Russian government because it showed the failure to resolve the problem that is more reminiscent of a catastrophe. Other Muscovites bought tours abroad. But most people are tiredly waiting for the fall.

Other areas of Russia are also suffering from the fires. Dozens of people died, hundreds of people lost their home. Fortunately this does not concern St. Petersburg. There are no fires around. However we've eventually got the smoke from Moscow! It moved up to more than 500 km! Smog appeared on the streets on the 8th of August. Faint smell of something burning was everywhere in the city. The sun hardly shone though the shroud! Even Finnish and Estonian environmentalists recorded an increase of dangerous particles in the air.

Fortunately the sky became clear in St. Petersburg next day. I hope it will not happen again.

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