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Russian Winter Photos

This winter is marvelous! There is much snow here and the weather is cold enough to keep snow dry. That's unusual for St. Petersburg with its long dark winters full of slush...

I visited Pskov oblast a week ago. Pskov winter is even better because there is no the metropolis warm maden by millions of cars, pedestrians, house heating, factories etc.

Russian winter photos
1/ - Dvortsy village near Bezhanitsy town

I and my friends went by car there to visit small town Bezhanitsy where my friends planned to buy a village house. So I want to share photos I made! The photos are initially placed on my Russian-speaking travel blog www.za7gorami.ru.

Russian church
2/ The gates of a church in Dvortsy village

Pskov oblast is famous with long history (medieval Pskov Republic), architecture and great forests. Bezhanitsy town is situated approximately 370 km away from St. Petersburg. There are some old churches and a palace had been visited by Russian poet Alexander Pushkin here. But the main stuff to see is local nature. Hilly terrain, diverse forests and a lot of wild animals.

Pskov oblast

Pskov nature

Russian nature

Winter in Russia

Russian Orthodox chapel
7/ Small new-built orthodox chapel near a grave of a Pushkin's ancestor.

8/ The grave designed by Shakro Bokuchava, St. Petersburg artist.

Forest, Russia

Russia XIX century
10/ Filosofov's Palace which was visited by Alexander Pushkin, great Russian poet of XIX century.

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