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Some stupid quarrel...

Anatoly BarankevichBefore the Russian-Georgian war started some key posts of the rebel South Ossetian government were filled by people sent from Russia by Kremlin. Russian general Anatoly Barankevich was among them and he took the Defense Minister post. Now he is out of the post and, as can be seen, very angry with the "ex-chief" Eduard Kokoity, the president pro-Kremlin South Ossetia.

Recently Anatoly Barankevich was interviewed and called Eduard Kokoity a coward and a thief.

"I never lie that's the reason why Kokoity has hated me. After the war, he was walking at the office and speaking "take away Barankevich"... ...Kokoity has cynically called me "Rembo" while he is only strong against unarmed captives, women and children".

"After the war, no one building has been built. Kokoity stole both the Russia budget money and investors' money. So either Russian Attorney-General's Department will be interested in him or some persons quarrel with whom is worse than going voluntarily to a prison".

This part of the Barankevich's interview is in general agreement with the Georgian government opinion... As for me I am not sure that all money sent to Tskhinvali was stolen by Kokoity alone. The Russian officials couldn't pass such a titbit and some of them has snatched a large sum. Everybody knows how corrupt the Russian officials are.

"Kokoity is a blackmailer. Firstly he is blackmailing Moscow stating all other Ossetian leaders are bought by the Georgians or the Americans. Secondly everybody knows if Kokoity would feel danger to loose the president position (that means for him to be arrested or worse) he might isolate Tskhinvali and defy to Moscow. He may ask help NATO and the EU".

Anatoly Barankevich was the Defense Minister of South Ossetia until the end of the Russian-Georgian war, August 2008. He was one of the Russian officials who were sent from Moscow to help and control the rebel government. "Kokoyti has never been my chief", admitted Barankevich in the interview. That means the Defense Minister of South Ossetia was directly under Kremlin.

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