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What would happen if we stopped sacralizing political power?

What would happen if we stopped sacralizing political power?

For example, the Russian president is Dmitry Medvedev, short 43 years-old Saint-Petersburgian man who is in a hurry in the mornings, cleans teeth every day, examines his pimples in a mirror, keeps his penis when pissing and sometimes makes his fingers wet...

Someone says Russian state mass media tries to mask Medvedev's short height (168 cm or less) so they photo and video him from low foreshortening or put Medvedev before others and not take full-height photos. Maybe just gossip...

He is alive as me or you but instead we only see the image artificially constructed by PR-managers and broadcast by means of mass media. There is more or less the same thing all around the world. For example, the English queen is an old women with her own human physiology, problems, needs to be happy and to love and be loved. So you understand...

So what would happen if the mass media showed us the human, not an individualized image of the sacralized figure of president? The first idea is a state would get to disoders because people aren't ready to obey a guy from next street. And we would have nothing good until a new sacralized president appeared... However there is another possibility that a state would be much better than we have.

Is it possible to stop sacralizing? I am not sure. Sacralized stuff is always stronger than true one. I can give an example.

Medvedev and Putin. May 9th, 2009Another sphere of sacralizing is the music show business. People love images of pop-stars sacralized by means of perverted information. What would happen if pop-stars always appeared on magazine covers without Photoshop and other "truth editor" processing? In my opinion they would loose a lot of their popularity and money and would be placed out by those who are sacralized.

Truth Editing ("fakezation") - "no wonder our perceprion of beauty is distorted"

Ok but if we had a law against sacralization and truth editing? When it would mean we had dictatorship, not democracy... And dictatorship usually starts to defend itself by sacralization holding a sacralization monopoly...

I think we would achieve some better level on the Earth, we would see much more truth if we could stop sacralizing but we can't.

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