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Buckwheat Fever Strikes Russia. So Does West Nile One

Buckwheat porridge in Moscow streets

The buckwheat fever has started in Russia! Recently it stroke Moscow and came into St. Petersburg now. People are buying up buckwheat fearing rumors about increase the price. News agencies report there is no buckwheat in the Moscow shops for a week.

Tip of a day: rush to buy some buckwheat!

The fact is all Russians are buckwheat-addicted (so am I). Buckwheat porridge is one of main garnish together with rice, pasta and potato dishes so buckwheat price increase will be a problem. Especially because there is no guarantee other products will cost as before. People say they won't. The abnormally hot summer caused poor harvest in Russia so the autumn and winter prices are expected to go up.

This is not only fever has come into Russia due to heat. West Nile fever started from the south of Russia earlier and has reached such northern regions as Vologda to this point! 108 persons infected, five people died and millions risk to contract the virus in the region.

Hard time has come, hasn't it?

Photo ©drugoi, Moscow, 31/10/2009

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