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Brutal Beating Rock Fans in the Urals

Brutal Beating

A hundred of bare-chested people attacked the audience of a rock festival in Ural town Miass on August 29th. The authorities are suspected of concealing the exact number of the injured and real reasons of the incident.

Tip of a day: don't be rude to barbecue sellers!

The attackers used baseball bats and traumatic weapons exposing the violence all in a row while the police stood idle as many witnesses reported. The local authorities expressed the view it was revenge of an Armenian barbecue seller who was insulted by two of the festival spectators. The investigation put forward more different versions however people believe it may be biased. The witnesses deride the almighty barbecue seller theory and say the attackers were well-organized and trained.

Residents of Miass hold different points. A political provocation, a "gift" of a competing rock festival, revenge of the barbecue seller, criminals' or gopniks' arbitrariness are the most popular versions.

Sharp debates in the media and blogs continue.

The most illustrating videos are below.

The bare-chested people are coming.

Start beating.

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